An excerpt of Cherríe Moraga’s play, Shadow of a Man, and an interview with Moraga were compelling and inspiring entries in Issue 4 of OUT/LOOK. Even with recent art-world controversies that make us aware of the ethics of representing narratives of race that are outside one’s experience, I had a strong desire to make a project about Cherríe Moraga’s work and influence. My project, Giving Up The Ghost – A Study in Three Parts, is unfinished as of this writing. Blindspots trip me up at every turn. Yet, I continue my attempt to understand.

Giving Up the Ghost: A Study in Three Parts

Giving Up the Ghost: A Study in Three Parts

4 prints, 26 X 39 inches total. Top image is a screenprint; middle 2 images are letterpress sheets; bottom image is a drawing.

  • Joanne Mitchell is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores the role that social memory plays in contemporary life. She engages in the strategies, histories, and trajectories of feminism and queerness. She is based in Los Angeles and her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston and Athens.

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    Queer Nation kiss-in at the cable car turnaround.
    © Rick Gerharter
    San Francisco, 1991.