I was intrigued by the “time capsule” aspects of issue 15 (winter 1992) and seeing contemporary connections, particularly sociopolitical anxieties. The entire volume was fascinating—I was drawn to “Greetings from a Queer Planet” which has posts within the issue–and “postcards” on the back cover) on/ from Russia (Julie Dorf and Masha Gessen) and Mexico (Tede Matthews, Cherríe Moraga); as well as the roundtable entitled “Sleeping with the Enemy? Men Talk about Sex, Race and Relationships (with Tomás Almuguer, Rudiger Busto, Ken Dixon and Ming-Yeung Liu).

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Queer Planet
Putin on the Ritz

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  • Việt Lê is an artist, writer and curator whose work has been published in Art Journal, American Quarterly and featured at the Shanghai Biennial, Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Rio LGBTQ Film Festival, among other venues. Lê received his MFA from UC Irvine and PhD from the University of Southern California. He is an Assistant Professor in Visual Studies | Visual & Critical Studies at California College of the Arts.

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    Queer Nation kiss-in at the cable car turnaround.
    © Rick Gerharter
    San Francisco, 1991.